The Phion Orchestra with Annelien Van Wauwe gave a sparkling performance

Annelien Van Wauwe. Photo © Annelien Van Wauwe
Annelien Van Wauve with Martijn Dendievel performing the Clarinet Concerto D’Om le Vrai Sens (Man’s True Sense) by the Finnish composer, Kaija Saariaho with the Phion Orchestra © Rick Devisser
Annelien Van Wauwe © Annelien Van Wauwe
Annelien with the Phion Orchestra ©Rick Devisser
complex clarinet techniques
An example of the complex clarinet techniques required in this piece. The clarinetist is instructed to sing and play at the same time — in a calm manner — after playing furiously in the previous bar!
A small but important part of the percussion section © Rick Devisser
A huge percussion section
A huge percussion section needed for the clarinet concerto, a total of five players! Dvorak 8 in contrast just needed just one timpani!
stage direction
The composer details stage directions for the soloist while performing the work. Probably because of Covid, not all of these directions were followed.

Further reading and listening:

NOP Radio 4 broadcast of the same concert given earlier in the week in Arnhem, The Netherlands



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