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Cup of Jasmine tea
A nice cup of jasmine tea in my #Dutchkitcheninthesky!

I am passionate about lots of things: language, classical music, food, politics, culture, the arts in general and all things creative, so after completing my post-grad at Cambridge University, I spent many years as a specialist English and Music teacher in various schools in the UK.

I now work as a writer here in The Netherlands, and am curious about the many and varied links between my newly adopted country and my homeland, the UK. I find something new every day!

I started writing my blog, The Spidy Editor, which is featured on the Dutch News website as one of the best blogs about the Netherlands and all things Dutch, towards the end of 2021. I had so many ideas and thoughts rolling round in my head, I just had to put pen to paper and be brave. Writing and publishing your work is scary, but little by little, with the help of friends and the wonderful community of writers here on Medium, I have found the confidence to articulate my thoughts and take that next step.

You can follow me on Instagram where I test out the photos I use for my articles (I mostly like to take my own pictures), on Faceboook, and on Twitter where I share articles and things…about all things English, and all things Dutch, from my kitchen table, high in the Dutch sky.

All things English from a #Dutch kitchen in the sky


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Clare Varney

Clare Varney


Writer | Mother | Violinist | All things English from a #Dutchkitcheninthesky | https://thespidyeditor.com |